Data as yarn in the net

At DMY festival, Miriam Zink showed „the colours of music“ – a witty data visualisation project: She asks visitors for their favorite songs and then visualizes speed, genre, and the person’s gender in ‚diagrams‘ made of sewing thread. To me, it’s a cool inverse version of how we usually think of data visualisations, as taking aspects from our real, ‚analogue‘ lives and turning them digital. But ‚inverse‘ is the wrong word, not only because our musical tastes are not exactly digital. Why shouldn’t a data visualisation be a real-life, three-dimensional, hand-made object, rather than a digital image or animation? Miriams installation has this ironic twist to it, because the data she uses is the basis for an object that is pretty, but not exactly informative. Beautiful un-understandable information.

Analogue data sets:
Information is beautiful
The People’s Choice Music

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