“All Creative Work is Derivative”

I could watch this video forever. Such a beautiful illustration of how creativity is always based on inspiration, a continous process of copy and remix.

Made by Nina Paley and uploaded on the “questioncopyright” channel. However, when it comes to that discussion, I can’t globally take sides. Conditions differ so much for different creative spheres, business models, even individuals.

It’s a big difference whether you need money for a large book project in advance, collectively produce it with editors and designers at a publishing house and then co-depend on sales. Or whether you freelance for a daily newspaper, do most of the work on your own, sell everything under Buy-Out conditions and hardly make a living. Those are just two of the many, many ways the reality of a creative might look like. Music, literature, art, journalism – even within these branches there are so many differences.

I don’t believe that the few successful crowdfunded films or podcasters living on Flattr money prove anything – yet. But one thing is for sure: Things will change, legally and economically. Our perceptions of creativity, originality and copying are already shifting. How fundamental will those changes be? That’s what the ongoing and coming struggles of interests, power, and cultures will decide. I’m really, really curious how this will all look like, ten years from now.