Phasing out nuclear in Germany

Joerg Moeller Kransteuerkabine AKW RheinsbergAn hour north of Berlin, in the middle of a German nature reserve, a narrow smokestack rises into the air from a defunct nuclear power plant. The Rheinsberg Nuclear Power Plant, which came online in 1966, was the first of its kind built in East Germany.

For Jörg Möller, this building is full of memories. He’s worked at the plant for almost 30 years — and before that, his father helped build it. “For dad, it was actually something very special,” he explained. “This technology was completely new. These were the early days of nuclear energy. My father traveled to the Soviet Union to study and get qualified.”

Now, Jörg Möller is dismantling the plant his father helped build…

Listen to the story on PRI’s The World

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