Welcome to the Plastisphere

I’ve started a new project, the Plastisphere podcast!

In the first episode, I take listeners on a journey back in time, from a remote plastic beach on the Big Island of Hawaii to the factory of a big chemical producer making bioplastics – to share what I’ve learned about the issue of plastic pollution in the past years.

The second episode is about a frontier in plastic pollution research: Nanoplastic is so small, it’s the size of a virus and hard to detect at all. But it has already been found in the open ocean. How could it affect us and the ecosystems we depend upon?

In episode 3, I am exploring the human dimension of our growing mountain of trash. In many developing countries, informal recyclers and waste pickers help take care of the waste and depend on it for their livelihoods. But they cannot keep up with the increase in waste. How can we tackle plastic pollution in a way that considers their well-being?

You can find more info and the podcasts and transcripts on the project website, Twitter @PlastispherePod, Soundcloud, Facebook, and in German on RiffReporter. Also, just getting started on Instagram.

This is an independent project, and I yet need to find ways to permanently fund the costs and work that go into it. You can support me via Patreon and RiffReporter.

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