Welcome to the Plastisphere

I’ve started a new project, the Plastisphere podcast!

In the first episode, I take listeners on a journey back in time, from a remote plastic beach on the Big Island of Hawaii to the factory of a big chemical producer making bioplastics – to share what I’ve learned about the issue of plastic pollution in the past years.

Plastic has become the basis for our modern lives. And yet, the waste it creates threatens animals, ecosystems as well as our own health and well-being. Will we be able to develop a healthy relationship to this material?

Follow me on a journey into the fascinating world of synthetic polymers, their impacts on nature and ourselves, and the global quest to tackle plastic pollution.

I will explore the complex relationships between us and the plastic world we’ve built. How do we untangle, sort and clean up our trash? On Soundcloud, the project website, RiffReporter (in German) and Twitter @PlastispherePod,

If you like the project, you can support my research via RiffReporter or Patreon.

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