What will it take to get plastics out of the ocean?

From drones to filters to gigantic cleaning arrays, innovators are working to reduce the threat thousands of tons of trash pose to marine ecosystems. But how realistic are their plans, and how much of a difference will they be able to make? Read my article on Ensia An Earth Journalism Network Future Oceans Story, re-published …

Live Radio Talk on Bioplastics

How sustainable are bioplastics? Can they save the oceans from marine litter? I investigated the issue from the supermarket to the plastic producer, and summed up my research in this live-talk for German radio:

In Schleswig for Undark

Schleswig is a small town in the North of Germany. This spring, a major plastic leak there sparked a debate in Germany: Can a circular economy include shredding food waste and packaging together? For Undark, I went to Schleswig to find out what had happened:


2019 Plastisphere, Folge 6: Traces in the soil Max-Planck-Institut für Wissenschaftsgeschichte, Journalist in Residence, Februar-März Radio-Feature: Plastikmüll und Klimawandel 2018 Plastisphere, Folge 5: Message from Midway Plastisphere, Folge 4: Plastic vs. the Climate? Plastisphere, Folge 3: Waste picking around the world Plastisphere, Folge 2: Plastic, small as a virus Plastisphere, Folge 1: Welcome to the …


As a full-time freelancer for German media since 2009, I’ve worked for the national public Deutschlandradios as a radio reporter, feature author and online editor. My reports have also appeared in print and online publications, such as DIE ZEIT or die Tageszeitung, taz. Recently, I started to report in English language for the Earth Journalism …

Spurensuche in der Tiefsee

Teile unseres Plastikmülls sammeln sich am Boden der Meere – das haben Forscher schon länger befürchtet. Nun sind sie in Proben aus dem Sediment der Tiefsee tatsächlich fündig geworden. Ich spreche darüber mit Richard Thompson, Mitautor der Studie.