Students in MIT's "Infinite Corridor" demand climate action. Credit:  Hamed Alemohammad

„MIT’s integrity is at stake“

Students of the Fossil Free MIT initiative at Massachusetts Institute of Technology have been participating in an around-the-clock sit-in outside the university president’s office in an attempt to urge the administration to take more ambitious climate action. I visited students and supporting faculty on the 50th day of their sit-in and talked to them about their motivation […]

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Zeina boxt

Zeina Nassar ist 17 Jahre alt und Berliner Boxmeisterin. Als Muslima hat Zeina durchgesetzt, dass sie bei Wettkämpfen mit Kopftuch kämpfen kann. Die Fotografin Marlene Pfau und ich haben die Sportlerin zum Training und in die Moschee begleitet. […]

Deep-Sea Microplastics

Plastik im Spülsaum. O'ahu, Hawaii, 2011
According to a recent study, 270,000 tons of plastic waste are floating in the world’s oceans. That sounds like a lot, but the annual production of plastic is over a thousand times higher. So scientists are starting to wonder: Has the inventory of plastic in the oceans just scratched the surface? New samples from the bottom of the deep sea might provide an answer. […]

The Dream of Green Aviation


As more and more of us fly around the globe, aviation is taking an increasing toll on the environment. Is there a way to make our trips to far-away islands or family across the country more sustainable? In this feature series, my co-author Gerhard Richter and I went on a journey to Think-Tanks and innovation labs, to find out more. Here is an excerpt translated from German into English: […]

PIK-Meteorologe Friedrich-Wilhelm Gerstengarbe über Extremwetter und Klimawandel

Friedrich-Wilhelm Gerstengarbe, Meteorologe am Potsdam-Institut für Klimafolgenforschung (PIK), über den aktuellen Bericht der Weltorganisation für Meteorologie (WMO) „Status of Climate in 2013“ „Wesentlich an dem Report ist, dass er einen Überblick gibt über die Geschehnisse des Jahres 2013 im Hinblick auf die meteorologischen Ereignisse, insbesondere auch die Extremereignisse. Da gab es ja im Verlauf der[…]

The Climate News Mosaic

The Climate News Mosaic is a collaborative project of journalists from around the world to report on climate issues. During the COP-19 and COP-21 United Nations Climate Change Conferences in Warsaw and Paris we ran a daily live blog that was displayed on multiple partner websites, such as RTCC/Climate Home, Earth Journalism Network, Internews, La Stampa (Italy), PhilippineEnviroNews, Skeptical Science and Earth Island Journal.