Knight Science Journalism Fellowship

Together with nine Fellows from Argentina, Canada and the U.S., I spent nine months as a 2015-16 Knight Science Journalism Fellow in Cambridge on the U.S. East Coast.

Above our graduation day, with (left to right): KSJ Founding Director Victor McElheny, Ashley Smart, Courtney Humphries, Christopher Ketcham, Zack Colman, Sasha Chapman, Federico Kukso, Rod McCullom, Alicia Chang, KSJ Director Deborah Blum, KSJ Associate Editor Jane Roberts, and me. Betsy Mason took the picture.

One of the highlights: Chatting with Noam Chomsky about science, politics, climate change and journalism. Any tips for journalists, one of us asked. „Just tell the truth,“ Chomsky replied.

What will it take to get plastics out of the ocean?

From drones to filters to gigantic cleaning arrays, innovators are working to reduce the threat thousands of tons of trash pose to marine ecosystems. But how realistic are their plans, and how much of a difference will they be able to make? Read my article on Ensia

An Earth Journalism Network Future Oceans Story, re-published under CC-BY on Vox, GreenBiz, and BusinessInsider. Many thanks to my editors Maggie Mazzetti (Earth Journalism Network) and Mary Hoff (Ensia)!

MIT Students Demand Divestment

Students of the Fossil Free MIT initiative at Massachusetts Institute of Technology have been participating in an around-the-clock sit-in outside the university president’s office in an attempt to urge the administration to take more ambitious climate action. I visited students and supporting faculty on the 50th day of their sit-in and talked to them about their motivation „MIT Students Demand Divestment“ weiterlesen