Graphic Conference Notes: Data Driven Journalism

Recently, there was a conference on data driven journalism in Amsterdam. Among the speakers were developers, activists and journalists, such as from the Guardian, the Open Data Network, the L.A. Times, and the Open Knowledge Foundation. Thanks to Anna Lena Schiller’s excellent graphic recordings of the sessions, you can have a visual overview of what was discussed there:
Data Driven Journalism

Graphic recording for Data Driven Journalism conference in Amsterdam, August 24th 2010
by Anna Lena Schiller. License: CC by-nc-sa

Moderation of Wikimedia Chapters Meeting 2010

Wikimedia_logo_smallWikimedia is an institution connected to the world’s biggest online encyclopedia, the Wikipedia. The organization takes care of press relations, raises and distributes funds, promotes Wikipedia through events, and more.

This year, Wikimedia Chapters from all around the world and the Wikimedia Foundation from San Francisco met in Berlin for their annual Chapters Meeting. Together with Don Dahlmann, I facilitated the sessions. „Moderation of Wikimedia Chapters Meeting 2010“ weiterlesen

Mama for Obama

February 2nd, 2008 at Hilda’s – Great Barrington, Massachusetts

Hilda Banks Shapiro„Hellooooouuuu?“, Hilda sings into the telephone on the counter by her kitchen. Life is too short to be bored. The old phone from 1946 hardly ever stops ringing – either it’s one of Hilda’s children, someone asking about piano lessons or just to hear the 81-year-olds wonderfully squeaky voice. „Mama for Obama“ weiterlesen