Deep-Sea Microplastics

According to a recent study, 270,000 tons of plastic waste are floating in the world’s oceans. That sounds like a lot, but the annual production of plastic is over a thousand times higher. So scientists are starting to wonder: Has the inventory of plastic in the oceans just scratched the surface? New samples from the bottom of the deep sea might provide an answer. „Deep-Sea Microplastics“ weiterlesen

The Dream of Green Aviation

As more and more of us fly around the globe, aviation is taking an increasing toll on the environment. Is there a way to make our trips to far-away islands or family across the country more sustainable? In this feature series, my co-author Gerhard Richter and I went on a journey to Think-Tanks and innovation labs, to find out more. Here is an excerpt translated from German into English: „The Dream of Green Aviation“ weiterlesen

Cleaning the Oceans

“Recycled Island creates a self-sustaining habitat floating in the ocean. The urban area houses around five thousand people. Agriculture supports a self-sustaining environment, together with seaweed cultivation.… Natural resources are used to provide food, energy, transport, and comfort.… The entire island is constructed from plastic trash that floats in the ocean. „Cleaning the Oceans“ weiterlesen

The Hungry Sea Urchin

Auf El Hierro ist das Ökosystem noch im Gleichgewicht. Hier knabbert ein Gallo an einem Diademseeigel.Foto von José Carlos Hernández
Sun, beach, and volcanic rock: the Canary Islands are a paradise – not only for tourists. An underwater sea urchin has made himself really comfortable there. If you have been on the beach, you might have stepped into one of its pointed spines. Ouch, it pricks! The sea urchin called Diadema antillarum has extremely long spines. But the pain they cause is relatively harmless compared to the real problem: there are so many of these sea urchins around the Canary Islands now that they threaten the biodiversity of the ecosystem. I reported on the problem and how marine biologists are trying to contain the plague. „The Hungry Sea Urchin“ weiterlesen