akI live in Berlin and work as a press officer at the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies IASS in Potsdam, Germany.

As a freelance journalist 2009-2017, I reported for radio, online and print media on the environment, science, and technology.

I investigated ocean plastics, interviewed solar pilots and cycling activists, searched for a greener internet, and followed a bioplastic bag to its chemical producer.

In 2015-2016, I was a Knight Science Journalism Fellow and took courses in science writing and environmental sciences at MIT and Harvard. As of April 2017, I joined the communications office at IASS.

I hold a German Diploma in Cultural Sciences (Master’s equivalent) with honors from the European University Viadrina in Frankfurt (Oder), which I received in 2007.

Thanks to scholarships from ERASMUS and the German Academic Exchange Service I was able to study abroad at the University of Salamanca in Spain in 2003, and at the University of California in Berkeley in 2004.

Together with a group of international freelance journalists, I ran a freely licensed Live Blog for the climate summit COP-19 in Warsaw, the Climate News Mosaic, in November 2013. For our collaborative ‚glocal‘ approach, we won the HostwriterPrize in 2014.

My radio feature on strategies to tackle marine plastic was awarded the UMSICHT Science Award 2015 and, together with my feature on bioplastics, shortlisted for the Holtzbrinck Award for Science Journalism 2014.

My reports have appeared on Deutschlandradio Kultur and Deutschlandfunk, the German national public radios, in print newspapers such as DIE ZEIT, and taz – die tageszeitung, as well as English language media such as Nature Outlook, Ensia, PRI The World and RTCC (now Climate Home).

I speak English fluently, Spanish decently, and barely French. My IELTS score (2015) is 8.5 (very good to expert user).

You can email me using the following formula: mail/at/myname/dot/com

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