I am a freelance journalist based in Berlin, and report for radio, online and print media on the environment, culture, science, and technology.

My radio feature on strategies to tackle marine plastic was awarded the UMSICHT science award 2015 and, together with my feature on bioplastics, shortlisted for the Holtzbrinck Award for Science Journalism 2014.

My academic background is a Graduate Degree in Cultural Sciences, and I was a Visiting Scholar at the Department of Anthropology at Berkeley, and an ERASMUS student at Universidad de Salamanca in Spain.

I speak English fluently, Spanish decently, and barely French. My IELTS score (2015) is 8.5 (very good to expert user).

For journalists from abroad, I offer services as a fixer and coordinator. Feel free to contact me if you are looking for someone to

  • organize interviews
  • interpret German-English and vice versa
  • anything else that you need help with in Berlin.
    If you’d like to read some of my writing, click here to view my English blog entries.

    Together with a group of international freelance journalists, I ran a freely licensed Live Blog for the climate summit COP-19 in Warsaw, the Climate News Mosaic, in November 2013.

    For our collaborative ‘glocal’ approach, we won the HostwriterPrize in 2014, and are now looking into options to cover the next COP in Paris. Let us know if you are an environmental journalist and would like to join.

    Please feel free to contact me with any questions:

    Mail: mail ° anjakrieger ° com
    Twitter: @anjakrieger
    Snail Mail/ Phone: See imprint

    My Lightstalkers page

    If you would like to copy or remix content from my site, please go to the license page.

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