More plastics and enviro podcasts!

Here are my favorite shows exploring environmental challenges such as plastic pollution and climate change. Lots of great stuff to listen to! Click on the cover image to get to the podcast.



Kevin Caners investigates up-and-coming solutions to one of the greatest challenges of our time: climate change. Wonderful series!



Environmental and ethical issues tackled by host Andrea Fox who is hoping to overcome the overwhelm and battle the single use plastic guilt. Her conversations with guests are both entertaining and informative. Check them out!


Marcy Trent Long takes you through the ins and outs of plastic waste treatment globally and in China – a very insightful series. Continue with Marcy’s other shows at Sustainable Asia. 



We have a plastic addiction. But who is responsible for cleaning it up — individuals, governments, or corporations? “Guilty Plastics” is a beautifully narrated mini-series by Brooke Bauman.

Costing the Earth, an environmental podcast by the BBC, has several interesting episodes on plastics, including one called plasticphobia.

On Podship Earth, Jared Blumenfeld explores how we connect with nature, ourselves and the universe. He has an episode on “polyester and one called “everybody’s plastic”

Generation Anthropocene features stories and conversations about planetary change. They have a fantastic episode on plastic that doesn’t really last with Odile Madden of the Smithsonian.

Another one of my favorites is “The First Straw” episode of Roman Mars’ podcast “99 percent invisible”. Tech reporter Alexis Madrigal has researched the history of the drinking straw in depth.

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