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Jay Cousins: The Inventor

Jay Cousins is a 30-year-old inventor. His „talk to me about…“ bubbles (#lbubbles) used at Palomar5 represent his philosophy: Human over tech.

Rana Jarbou: The Retired Banker

Rana Jarbou is a 28-year-old retired banker from Saudi Arabia. She recently quit her job in London because she felt there was something wrong with the system. Now she has sworn never to do anything anymore for the sole purpose of making money.

Hank Rossi: The Time Traveller

Hank Rossi brought his time machine to Palomar5. He tells you what happens if you travel a trillion years into the future. And proposes a three-day weekend to promote a better work-life-balance.

Research for short doc: 1989, the year that changed Europe

1989 was the year that changed Europe. 20 years later, filmmaker Patrick Becker revisits Central and Eastern Europe, to interview those at the forefront of change, from students to border guards. I contributed the eyewitness research for the Berlin episode.