Turning complex issues into engaging stories while staying true to science: That’s my passion as a science journalist and environmental storyteller.

Podcast on Soil Ecology

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The Podcast on Plastics, People, and the Planet

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What I offer

Radio and Podcasts

I produce narrative audio for radio shows and podcasts, including reports, features and series, in German or English. I edit, produce and master audio, and do tape-syncs as a recordist in Berlin.

Expertise in Plastic Pollution

I have been working on the issue of plastic pollution and its impacts for the past decade, and offer articles, podcasts, fact-checks, consulting and talks in German and English.

Media Workshops

Book one of my workshops on science communication, podcasting or storytelling (German or English) or let me produce an individual concept for you and your team.

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New projects


Plastisphere Podcast

Follow me on a journey into the world of synthetic polymers, their impacts on nature and ourselves, and the global quest to tackle plastic pollution. Listen here:

Talk at webinar series #microplastinar

How reliable are infographics and the figures and facts we find online? What are the current dynamics of the media landscape? And how could they become more sustainable?

These are some of the questions I covered in a talk on plastics in the media for the Limnoplast plastic webinar series.

I highly recommend to check out this interactive web-series, featuring a great line-up of speakers to take a closer look at the wicked problem of plastic pollution.

Podcast on Soil Ecology

Our podcast Life in the Soil brings you the insights and voices of some of the world’s best soil scientists. Learn about soil biodiversity, why it matters, and how we can protect it. The series is a collaboration with the Rillig Lab, funded through the BiodivERsA project Digging Deeper.

Praise for Plastisphere

The independent podcast on plastics, people, and the planet

Plastisphere Podcast

“I’ve been waiting for a podcast to come around that takes an in-depth look at the complex world of plastic, and this is it!”

Garth Covernton

PhD student at the University of Victoria, Canada

“Excellent, curious and fact-filled and full of equal parts wonder and horror in a new world of our making.”

Meera Subramanian

Science writer

“An amazingly smart podcast”

Deborah Blum

Director, Knight Science Journalism Program at MIT