Forever Chemicals (Teaser)

Hey There, it’s Anja. I just wanted to wish you a Happy World Environment Day! And I’ve got a treat for you. There’s a new podcast series I’ve been listening to the past weeks, that is really great – and I wanted to share it with you. It’s called Forever Chemicals, and it’s produced by Meg Carney and team at Black-Footed Ferret Productions. Here’s a little teaser:


“If I start with, what is PFAS? PFAS is a very big group of fluororganic chemicals, and polymers that have extraordinary properties”

“PFAS are industrial chemicals, and the carbon-fluorine bond is perhaps the strongest in the periodic table – it takes the energy of lightning to brake it.”

“PFAS are known as forever chemicals”

“The chemical industry knew that PFAS could be harmful”

“It’s used in places that folks don’t think. It’s in every pizza box that you’ve gotten a pizza in. It’s in your coffee cup at your favorite joint around the corner, it’s in cosmetics. You know it’s everywhere”

“PFAS chemicals are wreaking havoc on our health and environment”

“It’s a really serious issue.”

“So there’s health impacts and there are environmental impacts.“

“So many of them have been found to last essentially on geologic time”

“Difficult to remove, difficult to filter, and once removed and filtered, difficult to dispose of.”

“They have been found to bioaccumulate in people and animals, and they have been found in almost every living creature on Earth”

“We need to eliminate our apparent appetite for using PFASes”

“The environmental impacts are pretty potent. Many of us refer to them as Forever Chemicals.”

What products are PFAS used for? How are we exposed? And why are these chemicals dangerous? Learn more about Forever Chemicals in the ten part podcast series by Black-Footed Ferret Productions. You’ll hear about the origins, rise, and – now – phase out of forever chemicals from the scientists and experts who investigated this pollution. Find Forever Chemicals wherever you get your podcasts – I’ll also paste the link in the show notes. Huge thanks to Meg Carney and team for putting together this great series!

Head over to The Outdoor Minimalist to binge the whole series!

Voices in the teaser (in order of appearance):
– Stefan Posner, Textile and Polymer Chemist
– Arlene Blum, founder of the Green Science Policy Institute
– James Pollock, PFAS Lawyer
– Mike Schade, Toxic Free Future
– Alex Lauver, Outdoor Research
– Matt Eshed, Research Fellow
– Ammi Borenstein, Snaplinc Consulting
– Philippe Granjean, Environmental Epidemiologist