Ep.6 Transcript: Traces in the soil

Sound installation Plastic_ity – by Saša Spačal

Can you hear the earthworms?
They are moving around, in the soil.

Earthworm in soil with microplastics. Picture by Saša Spačal
Earthworm in soil with microplastics. Picture by Saša Spačal

Music – Arlan Vale by Blue Dot Sessions

Saša Spačal
Everything that exists comes from it and it, like, grows from it. And everything that dies is decomposed in it. So, it’s a factor that has to be there and has to be alive with all the bacteria, all the little critters that can transform it into, really, living matter.

Welcome to the Plastisphere, the podcast on plastic, people, and the planet. My name is Anja Krieger.

Music – Valantis by Blue Dot Sessions

When we talk about plastic pollution, we often think of oceans and beaches. But plastic is literally everywhere. And that includes not only rivers, and lakes, but also the soil under our feet. The thin layer of ground that feeds all of us.

It’s not only the trash littering the parks and sideways. There are many ways plastic ends up in the soil. It can leak from factories and landfills, streets, rivers and washing mashines, and may come from packaging, paint, sneakers, tyres, t-shirts, even fertilizer.

For a long time, this terrestrial plastic has been overlooked. But now, it’s entering the spotlight. Scientists are starting to investigate the extent and impacts of plastic in the soil and in the ground. What do we know about them? That’s what I’m going to dig into in this episode. Continue reading “Ep.6 Transcript: Traces in the soil”