Debunking plastic pollution myths

Grid Arendal, a Norwegian foundation, has put together a great fact-checking website called “Stop Talking Trash about Marine Litter” debunking the most wide-spread ocean-plastic myths. They have checked the following claims – click on the links to learn more:

  • “90% of the plastic in the oceans comes from 10 rivers” FALSE
  • “Cosmetics are the main source of microplastics” FALSE
  • “More plastic than fish in oceans by 2050” UNCERTAIN
  • “Plastic pollution is the biggest threat to the ocean” FALSE
  • “Microplastics are harmful to humans” UNKNOWN
  • “There is an island of trash in the Pacific Ocean” FALSE
  • “Collecting floating plastic will solve the problem” FALSE
  • “Biodegradable plastics are the answer to marine litter”FALSE
  • “A plastic bottle in the ocean disappears after 450 yrs” UNCERTAIN
  • “The problem of marine litter is too difficult, nothing I can do” FALSE
    Published: June 2018

    Peter Harris, who managed the project, also published a blogpost where he provides more background on the project.

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