Send a voice message!

As part of the #PlasticsTreaty Shorts series, I invite you to send a voice message with your thoughts, reflections, questions of demands for the global plastics treaty currently being negotiated.

Your message may be picked and published. You can raise the chances of your message being featured on Plastisphere by following the recording instructions below.

For a good recording, you only need three things:

  • A meaningful message,
  • a good recording device and
  • a room with no/little noise or echo.

What’s a good recording device?

Most people don’t own a professional recorder and microphone. Instead, you can use your iPhone or Android phone with a voice memo app. You can also use a good headset with microphone connected with a cable. Avoid bluetooth headsets, as they can cause audio issues. Record in the best audio quality possible with whatever devices you own. File formats can be Mp3, Mpeg4 or Wave.

Here’s how to get set up:

Prepare your “home studio”

  • Choose a quiet room. Carpets, book shelves, and curtains help reduce echo.
  • Turn off electrical devices and notifications (AC, beamer, PC, phone, alarms…).
  • Close all doors and windows. Stand or use a stable non-squeaky chair.
  • Put your smartphone on flight mode to avoid interference scrambling audio.
  • Avoid clothing that makes sounds, like scarves or jackets.

Set up your phone/recorder

  • Make sure you’ve got enough storage space, and the battery is full.
  • Hold your phone just like you’re leaving a voice message for a friend.
  • If you’d like to have your hands free, you put it on a stack of books or a box.
  • Speak slightly over your phone’s microphone instead of directly into it.

Think about your message

  • Introduce yourself briefly: Just tell us your name, and where you’re calling from.
  • Speak directly and spontaneously from your mind and heart.
  • Avoid reading from a pre-written text or a list of bullet points.
  • Stay focused on a central theme, close to your expertise or experience.

Record and transfer file

  • Start your phone’s voice memo app, so the time code is running forward.
  • Save the file on your phone and name it.
  • Don’t cut, edit or add any filters or compression before you send the file.
  • Send it to anja /ät/ plastisphere /döt/ earth via e-mail, or file transfer.
  • By sending your file, you agree to it being edited and published on Plastisphere.
  • Done 🙂 I might contact you with follow-up questions.