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Ep.10 Transcript: Chatting about Individual Impact

 Music – Plink by Dorian Roy

Welcome to the Plastisphere, the podcast on plastics, people, and the planet. My name is Anja Krieger. When it comes to solving the issue of plastic pollution, what would you say, who’s responsible? Is it individuals like you and me, is it the corporations that produce plastics or products made from it, or is it the government with its rules and regulations? That’s the question Brooke Bauman asks in her 4-part podcast series “Guilty Plastics”. Brooke is a student in environmental science at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and an amazing young audio storyteller. For Plastisphere, she’s produced a special edit of one of her episodes, which you will hear later in the episode. But first, I wanted to chat with her about her project, so we connected via Skype. Continue reading “Ep.10 Transcript: Chatting about Individual Impact”