Writer & Podcaster

Turning complex ecological issues into engaging stories.

My areas of expertise

Radio and podcasts

I’ve produced narrative audio for radio and podcasts, including Germany’s largest public radio stations, and tape-syncs for well-known U.S. shows. I also love to record voice-overs in my DIY home studio.

Plastic pollution

I’ve been working on the issue of plastic pollution and its impacts for the past decade, and offer talks, articles, podcasts, and fact-checks on the subject in German and English.

Media workshops

I teach workshops on science communication, podcasting and storytelling, and offer coaching for environmental scientists. Just get in touch!

Short bio

I am a storyteller and podcaster, with a decade of experience as a journalist, reporting for radio, online and print media on the environment and science. Currently, I work as a science editor with the Helmholtz Climate Initiative.  My journalism in German and English has been featured by PRI The World, Ensia, Vox News, Nature Outlook/Index, Deutschlandradio, Die Zeit, and others. I am the creator of the Plastisphere podcast on plastic, people and the planet and co-producer of Life in the Soil, the podcast on soil ecology. A Cultural Scientist by training, I’ve completed the Knight Science Journalism Fellowship Program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. To contact me, please refer to my imprint.