Plastisphere Ep.3: Waste Picker Economies

Anja calls up Dr. Jenna Jambeck and Amy Brooks from the University of Georgia on a research trip to Vietnam. In many Asian countries, a booming economy is coupled with more people using throw-away items. The informal recyclers and waste pickers who have traditionally sorted the waste cannot keep up. But like millions of people around the world, they depend on waste as a resource for their livelihoods. How can these systems be reformed without leaving the people behind? To find out, Anja talks to Dr. Sonia Maria Dias, a garbologist from Brazil.

Music: Dorian Roy and Blue Dot Sessions
Cover art: Maren von Stockhausen
Thanks to: Ines Blaesius, Luisa Beck, Daniella Cheslow, the Wiego staff, and Karl Urban for editing the German version on RiffReporter

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