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Letters on the Plastics Treaty

Ahead of the negotiations for a new global Plastics Treaty, I teamed up with group of scientists and co-authored two letters published in the journal Science calling for a cap on production and the full inclusion of chemicals. You can find our letters here (production cap) and here (chemicals). I also co-authored a letter to the journal Science of The Total Environment calling for a ban of cigarette filters, which are among the top polluting items found on beaches around the world. You can read it here (cigarette filters).

Voice-Over: Gender podcast

So honored to speak the voice-over for Alba Rueda, Undersecretary for Diversity Policy at the Ministry of Women’s Affairs in Argentina, in this podcast by the Heinrich Böll Foundation, produced by Kevin Caners:

Book Review (Undark): Coming to Grips With the Plastic Crisis

In “Thicker Than Water,” journalist Erica Cirino probes the history of plastic pollution, along with possible solutions. Read my review >

Plastisphere Podcast

Follow me on a journey into the world of synthetic polymers, their impacts on nature and ourselves, and the global quest to tackle plastic pollution. Listen here:

Podcast on Soil Ecology

Our podcast Life in the Soil brings you the insights and voices of some of the world’s best soil scientists. Learn about soil biodiversity, why it matters, and how we can protect it. The series is a collaboration with the Rillig Lab, funded through the BiodivERsA project Digging Deeper.

Are bioplastics a greener alternative to conventional plastics?

Confusion among terms like bioplastics, bio-based and biodegradable plastics makes it hard to discern — and make — the environmentally responsible choice. Article on Ensia, republished by Undark Magazine, The Revelator, The Wire, and others.

In Schleswig for Undark

Schleswig is a small town in the North of Germany. This spring, a major plastic leak there sparked a debate in Germany: Can a circular economy include shredding food waste and packaging together? For Undark, I went to Schleswig to find out what had happened:

For the sake of science, it’s time to break ranks

Researchers call for a change in evaluation to recognise the importance of reproducibility. Bibliometric indicators that reward scientists for publishing frequently in high-ranked journals — but not for making their methods accessible — are a major cause of the reproducibility crisis, researchers agreed at the latest EuroScience Open Forum (ESOF). Read my article in Nature …

Ensia Best of Year

My long-read „What will it take to get plastics out of the oceans?“ featured in the „Ensia Best of Year“ print edition (online on Issuu)

Equality or Excellence?

Germany’s Excellence Initiative was highly debated. With its successor approved, scientists are asking whether equality and scientific freedom can be preserved in a world of competition. Read my article in Nature Outlook

Knight Science Journalism Fellowship

Together with nine Fellows from Argentina, Canada and the U.S., I spent nine months as a 2015-16 Knight Science Journalism Fellow in Cambridge on the U.S. East Coast. Above our graduation day, with (left to right): KSJ Founding Director Victor McElheny, Ashley Smart, Courtney Humphries, Christopher Ketcham, Zack Colman, Sasha Chapman, Federico Kukso, Rod McCullom, …

Sasha Chapman underwater

This winter, MIT physicist Allan Adams and underwater photographer Keith Ellenbogen teamed up to turn a coral reef into their classroom. It was an experience Sasha Chapman, one of their students, will never forget.

Underwater Emergency Exits

Daniel Stepputtis of the Thünen Institute of Baltic Sea Fisheries explains how to reduce bycatch with smarter fishing nets.