The Climate News Mosaic

The Climate News Mosaic was a collaborative project for journalists from around the world reporting on climate issues. During the COP-19 and COP-21 United Nations Climate Change Conferences in Warsaw and Paris, we ran a daily live blog that was displayed on multiple partner websites, such as RTCC/Climate Home, Earth Journalism Network, Internews, La Stampa (Italy), PhilippineEnviroNews, Skeptical Science, and Earth Island Journal.

All original content was free for other media to embed and re-use. Thanks to the generosity of our software partners Sourcefabric, we were able to post from multiple locations to multiple platforms. Thanks to our crowdfunding backers, we were able to send three correspondents to Warsaw. You can watch our crowdfunding video here:

The following media partners displayed our COP-19 blog

Find more info on the project on our WordPress and Twitter @climatemosaic.

The older version of slides from the presentation at Hacks Hackers Berlin can be found here. Thanks to all Hacks and Hackers for positive and critical feedback, offers for supporting this project, and last but not least to Adam Thomas and co-organizers at Hacks Hackers for the invite!






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