Ep 8 Transcript: COVID-19 – plastics in times of the coronavirus  

>>>List of additional resources and webinars on Covid-19 and plastics

Brooke Bauman
Hi Anja, hope you’re doing well, this is Brooke from North Carolina.

Wade Roush
Hi Anja, this is Wade Roush from the Soonish Podcast.

Tridibesh Dey
Hi Anja, this is Tridibesh recording for your upcoming episode, Plastisphere podcast about Covid-19 and its impact on plastic industry and society’s views and use of plastics.

Welcome to the Plastisphere, the podcast on plastics, people, and the planet. My name is Anja Krieger. For this episode, I’ve tried something new: I’ve asked listeners, researchers and podcasters to send me audio comments on what is happening right now during the pandemic. And I received some really interesting replies. In this episode, you’ll hear some of the audio messages that arrived in my inbox the past weeks. Continue reading “Ep 8 Transcript: COVID-19 – plastics in times of the coronavirus  “

Ep.7 Transcript: Confused about bioplastics?

Ambi street

Woman from India
Even in India, I think there are a bunch of companies that have started offering especially garbage bags or products made, you know, out of bioplastic – I think it’s a great initiative. I’m not so sure what goes behind it, as in, you know, how, I mean, how less polluting is it to the environment, do you still need to take it to the landfill, or…so I’m still very unclear on the bioplastics to be very honest. I do use it, but I’m not sure about the technologies behind it. Continue reading “Ep.7 Transcript: Confused about bioplastics?”