Ep.7: Confused about bioplastics?

What happens if bioplastics end up in the environment? In this episode, Anja takes a closer look at synthetic polymers marketed as more environmentally friendly. Can they contribute to a healthier planet, and in what way? Continue reading “Ep.7: Confused about bioplastics?”

Are bioplastics better for the environment than conventional plastics?

Published on Ensia, republished by Undark, Revelator, The Wire

Confusion among terms like bioplastics, bio-based and biodegradable plastics makes it hard to discern — and make — the environmentally responsible choice.

Have you ever stood in front of a supermarket shelf and wondered if you should buy that product made from bioplastics rather than the conventional kind? Many people assume all bioplastics are made from plants and can break down completely in the environment. But that’s not the case. Continue reading “Are bioplastics better for the environment than conventional plastics?”

Plastisphere auf RiffReporter

Unsere journalistische Genossenschaft RiffReporter ist einem Korallenriff nachempfunden. Gemeinsam mit anderen Journalist*innen schaffen wir einen Ort voller Leben, Recherchen und Geschichten. Unsere Projekte nennen wir, passend zum Vorbild im Meer, “Korallen”. In meiner Plastisphere-Koralle gibt es deutsche Artikel zum Thema, einen Newsletter, und die Möglichkeit, meine Recherchen zu unterstützen. Mit Klick aufs Bild geht es zu RiffReporter:

Ep.6: Traces in the soil

Plastic pollution also affects the soil, the thin layer of ground that feeds all of us. For a long time, this terrestrial plastic has been overlooked. Now scientists are starting to investigate the extent and impacts of plastic pollution in the soil and in the ground. What do we know about them? Continue reading “Ep.6: Traces in the soil”

Ep.5: Message from Midway

Chris Jordan has taken some of the most iconic pictures to shape our image of plastic pollution. He traveled to Midway Island on his quest to photograph the evasive “Great Pacific Garbage Patch”, which is really a soup of microplastics. There, he documented albatross chicks who had died with their guts full of plastic. His images went viral, but they also haunted him so much that he decided to return to the island. Continue reading “Ep.5: Message from Midway”

Ep.4: Plastic vs. the Climate?

Plastic pollution might be the most visible environmental issue we face today. But there are other kinds of pollution, and they are far harder to see. One of the most dangerous is the huge amount of greenhouse gases that we emit into the atmosphere. In this episode, Anja explores the connections between plastic pollution and climate change. Continue reading “Ep.4: Plastic vs. the Climate?”